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Society for the Rule of Law in Newsweek

November 28, 2023

Newsweek‘s Katherine Fung wrote about the Society’s launch and our New York Times op-ed in a November 22 story, “Donald Trump ‘Threat’ Poses Constitutional Crisis: Lawyers.”

The story says:

“The possibility of a second Trump term has created a “legal emergency” that threatens the Constitution, a group of conservative lawyers say.

Retired Judge J. Michael Luttig, attorney George Conway and former Representative Barbara Comstock are calling on their fellow conservative lawyers to fight the “threat” that former President Donald Trump would pose to the Constitution if he were to return to the White House.

In a New York Times op-ed titled, “The Trump Threat Is Growing. Lawyers Must Rise to Meet This Moment,” Luttig, Conway and Comstock, who are all prominent critics of Trump, expressed concern that Trump would fill his administration with people willing to circumvent existing laws and long-established legal norms if he were to be elected in 2024.”

Read the entire piece.

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