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David Lat: “New Conservative Group Can Take Stances Federalist Society Won’t”

December 1, 2023

Bloomberg Law columnist David Lat spotlighted the Society’s work in his November 29 column, writing:

“The Society for the Rule of Law board members alleged in their op-ed that the Federalist Society “has failed to respond in this period of crisis” and “conspicuously declined to speak out against the constitutional and other legal excesses of Mr. Trump and his administration. Most notably, it has failed to reckon with his effort to overturn the last presidential election and his continued denial that he lost that election.”

The new group announced its launch on Nov. 6 as a successor to Checks and Balances, formed in 2018 by “center-right, pro-democracy attorneys who were alarmed by the direction of the conservative legal movement” during the Trump administration.”

Read the full column.

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