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The Independent: “These anti-Trump lawyers are looking beyond Trump”

November 13, 2023

The Independent‘s Andrew Feinberg wrote about the first Rule of Law Summit held in Washington DC, saying that “a new movement hopes to counter the threat posed by not just a second term of a Trump presidency, but the authoritarian movement the ex-president has made the centre of GOP politics and legal thought.”

In it, Feinberg reports on the Summit, the Society’s future plans, and its vision for a pro-democracy conservative legal movement:

Trump is actively threatening to use a second term to punish his enemies, real or perceived, and to free criminals who committed crimes on his behalf during the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

But Conway said the group that is supplanting Checks and Balances — a group he and the other co-founders are calling the Society for the Rule of Law — is necessary because the threat posed by Trump and his Maga movement is “no longer about one deranged individual or his prior or future, God forbid , administration”.

“It’s about an infectious disease that is affecting the entire body politic and the political system that we have that the framers created for us,” he said.

What followed his remarks over the next two hours was a parade of luminaries from what used to be the core of the GOP legal establishment.

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