Statement on Attacks Against Judges

April 11, 2024

Gregg Nunziata, Executive Director of the Society for the Rule of Law Institute, issued the following statement regarding politically motivated attacks against sitting judges and their families:

The former president’s sustained attacks against Justice Juan Merchan and his family members demonstrate his overall contempt for the rule of law. This is of a piece with his long-term strategy of working tirelessly to delegitimize the courts.

The independence of the courts, and their ability to function free of intimidation, is a hallmark of our system and a core pillar of American democracy. Reckless attacks on the judiciary, for partisan motives or self-interest, have no place in our system. As events over the last several years amply demonstrate, such rhetoric puts public servants at physical risk and corrodes the political culture necessary to sustain democracy and accountable government.

Legal practitioners of good conscience from across the political spectrum should be united in our condemnation of efforts to intimidate and delegitimize the judiciary, whether they arise on the left or the right. Such behavior is particularly unacceptable in a candidate for president or high office.

For comment, please contact Communications Manager Tony Franquiz at [email protected].

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