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Society for the Rule of Law in The Washington Post

November 13, 2023

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin mentioned the newly re-launched Society for the Rule of Law in her column on November 10, 2023, “Republicans have become a threat to democracy and national security.”

Writing about the former president’s response to his various active legal cases, Jennifer wrote:

“The center-right group originally called Checks and Balances relaunched this week as the Society for the Rule of Law. ‘This marks a major nationwide expansion aimed at protecting the Constitution and building a broad-based movement of conservative and center-right legal practitioners, scholars, and law students committed to defending the rule of law from mounting threats,’ its news release noted. With prominent figures including George T. Conway III, retired judge J. Michael Luttig, former congresswoman Barbara Comstock (Va.), former acting attorney general Stuart M. Gerson and former Reagan White House lawyer Alan Raul, it will expand its activities to include public education, events ‘aimed at engaging those in the legal community and law schools in the vital work of supporting and preserving America’s legal institutions from those actively working to undermine them’ and a nationwide membership drive.

In an appearance on Morning Joe, Conway explained: ‘We are absolutely determined to get our message across of the danger of a second term.’ The group understands the problem is not solely Trump but the entire MAGA movement he spawned. ‘What is at stake now goes way beyond … one deranged, deluded, disordered man. … The termites are loose in the basement of the house.’ He reiterated, ‘This goes to the fundamental aspect of what makes America America.’ If principled conservatives can provide an alternate affiliation to the hyper-politicized Federalist Society, young lawyers and practitioners alike might come to recognize the necessity of preserving a system that promises no one is above the law and holds attorneys responsible for attempting to subvert democracy.”

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