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Society for the Rule of Law in The Independent

November 13, 2023

The Independent‘s Andrew Feinberg wrote about the newly re-launched Society for the Rule of Law in an exclusive story published November 6, 2023, “Conservative lawyers to launch Society for Rule of Law to counter MAGA movement.”

In it, Andrew reported on the Society’s plans to build a new, pro-democracy conservative legal movement to push back against the rising authoritarian tide within much of the legal community:

“A group of preeminent conservative lawyers who opposed former president Donald Trump’s efforts to manipulate the legal system are launching a new, long-term project aimed at fostering respect for the US constitution and the rule of law in the legal profession.

The group, which initially began operating in 2018 under the name Checks and Balances, includes preeminent conservative legal figures such as J Michael Luttig, the former Fourth Circuit judge who was shortlisted as a Supreme Court pick during the George W Bush administration, and George Conway, who was former president Donald Trump’s pick to run the Justice Department civil division before he became a prominent critic of the ex-president.”

Read the full story here.