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Society for the Rule of Law in The Bulwark

November 13, 2023

The Bulwark‘s Charlie Sykes wrote about the Society’s re-launch and the Rule of Law Summit in his “Morning Shots” newsletter for The Bulwark.

In the piece, Charlie catalogued the former president’s legal troubles and the actions of his enablers, before turning to the Society’s efforts toward building a better, healthier conservative legal movement:

Speaking of the rule of law, help is on the way: “Conservative lawyers to launch Society for Rule of Law to counter MAGA movement” (via The Independent)

A group of preeminent conservative lawyers who opposed former president Donald Trump’s efforts to manipulate the legal system are launching a new, long-term project aimed at fostering respect for the US constitution and the rule of law in the legal profession.

The group, which initially began operating in 2018 under the name Checks and Balances, includes preeminent conservative legal figures such as J Michael Luttig, the former Fourth Circuit judge who was shortlisted as a Supreme Court pick during the George W Bush administration, and George Conway, who was former president Donald Trump’s pick to run the Justice Department civil division before he became a prominent critic of the ex-president.

Unlike other groups formed by anti-Trump conservatives during Mr Trump’s presidency, the Checks and Balances group has been a bit of a shoestring operation, until now operating with a small budget raised from its’ members.

But a source familiar with the group’s plans told The Independent that a decision was made by the group’s board to seek outside funding for the purposes of a major relaunch and rebranding operation as the “Society for the Rule of Law”…. The society’s roll-out will include a “Rule of Law summit” [which took place on Wednesday evening] in Washington.

This new funding stream for the group includes a major donation from the Defending Democracy Together Institute, the anti-Trump Republican group founded by former Weekly Standard journalists and ex-Reagan administration officials such as William Kristol and Mona Charen.

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