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Society featured in Above the Law

November 21, 2023

Above the Law published an in-depth piece featuring the Society on November 16, “Breaking The Chokehold FedSoc Has On Right-Wing Legal Thought.” The piece reads, in part:

“Earlier this month, the Society for the Rule of Law launched, or rather re-launched from its former name, Checks & Balances.

Conservative legal luminaries are at the helm of the organization, including attorney George Conway, former Judge J. Michael Luttig, former Rep. Barbara Comstock, former Acting Attorney General Stuart Gerson, and former Reagan White House lawyer Alan Raul. And while they still sign on to many right-wing principles, they’re also looking to pull back from the wildest legal theories FedSoc has empowered.

As Stuart Gerson, Board Treasurer, noted, ‘The conservative legal movement as it currently exists has failed to stave off the worst excesses of bad-faith actors working to subvert the Constitution for their own ends. It’s time for a new Constitutional champion. By cultivating the rising generation of legal talent in defense of our founding principles, the Society will play a key role in securing all Americans’ liberties through the troubled times ahead—and for years to come.'”

Read the entire piece here.

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