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Read Judge Luttig’s Politico Interview

December 22, 2023

Politico‘s Ian Ward spoke to Judge J. Michael Luttig about the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling in Anderson v. Griswold:

[Ian Ward:] Do you worry at all about the political blowback that a judicial decision removing Trump from ballots could spark?

[Judge Luttig:] I do, but what I would say, though, is this: The Constitution itself tells us that disqualification of the former president is not anti-democratic. Rather, the Constitution tells us that it is the conduct that can give rise to disqualification under the 14th Amendment that is anti-democratic.

I would add that we are a nation of laws, not of men, and it is the Constitution of the United States that is providing the avenue for the disqualification of the former president. This is not politics. This is the opposite of politics. This is constitutional law. And right now, the courts โ€” the state courts and eventually the Supreme Court โ€” will be interpreting the Constitution of the United States without regard to politics, let alone partisan politics.

Read the full interview.

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