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Read Alan Raul’s Wall Street Journal LTE

January 29, 2024

The Wall Street Journal published this letter to the editor from Alan Charles Raul, making the case for continued efforts to support and uphold the Constitution and rule of law.

(Alan serves as the Society’s Board Secretary but this was published in his individual capacity and not under the auspices of the Society for the Rule of Law or the Society for the Rule of Law Institute.)

The piece reads, in part:

Positive growth rates, declining inflation, continued low unemployment and record stock prices may not be a Reagan reprise, but they are pretty much the best anywhere in the developed world right now. And blaming the terrible increase in the national debt on Mr. Biden, rather than also on Mr. Trump and Congress, is simply a hallucination. […]

While no president is constitutionally pristine, and Mr. Biden’s student-loan debt cancellations and Covid eviction bans were worse than constitutionally dubious, Mr. Trump wants to actually “terminate” the Constitution. He tried to sell out our foreign policy in exchange for dirt on his political rival, sides with despots and dictators, and asked government officials to find him votes to steal the election. For goodness’ sake, he applauded the threatened hanging of his own vice president for standing firm and doing his duty to uphold the Constitution.

With all that, I’ll stick with conviction Never Trumpism, and a chance to preserve our cherished rule of law, every day of the week. The good and bad policies can shake themselves out.

Read the whole LTE.

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