Checks & Balances Forum on Executive Power, November 6

October 23, 2019

Checks & Balances is holding a discussion forum featuring former senior government attorneys on the topic of executive power, emergency authorities, and the border wall litigation. The forum will include former Acting U.S. Attorney General Stuart M. Gerson, who represents the plaintiffs in a major lawsuit challenging the diversion of funds for the border wall. Gerson will join Kristy Parker, Counsel for Protect Democracy, and GMU Professor Ilya Somin at the event, which will be moderated by Carrie Cordero.

The event will take place on November 6 at Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University in Arlington, VA. The event is open to the public and media, and will include lunch.

RSVP is required and can be reserved here.

For more information, see the invitation below.

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