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Georgetown Law Hosts “Challenges to Rule of Law in America”

Georgetown Law  /  March 8, 2019

Note: This article originally appeared on Georgetown Law.

The topic was the rule of law in America — discussed at Georgetown Law on March 8, when the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, and Checks & Balances (a group launched by Conway of conservative and libertarian lawyers), teamed up to examine the role of lawyers in promoting civil discourse, upholding the separation of powers, and defending the rule of law.

“We hope to contribute to a dialogue about the rule of law, a dialogue that brings people of all political stripes together,” Conway said. “Because what divides us politically really pales in comparison to what should unite us, which is devotion to constitutionalism and the rule of law… The issues that divide us, the ordinary political issues of the day, are often trivial in comparison to the things that define us as a free people, and as a constitutional democratic republic.”

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