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George Conway: “The Colorado Ruling Changed My Mind”

December 22, 2023

Writing in The Atlantic in response to the Colorado Supreme Court’s Ruling in Anderson v. Griswold, Board President George Conway argued:

The strongest argument for throwing Trump off the ballot is the weakness of the counterarguments. […]

If the Constitution says, as it does, that you have to be 35 years of age to serve as president, you’re out of luck—disqualified—if you’re 34 and a half. By the same token, if you’ve engaged in an insurrection against that Constitution in violation of your oath to it, you’ve failed to meet the ironclad (and rather undemanding) requirement that you not have done that. […]

The Colorado majority was right. I dare not predict what will happen next. But if Trump’s lawyers or any members of the United States Supreme Court want to overturn the decision, they’d better come up with something much, much stronger. And fast.

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