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Donald Ayer in The Atlantic: “Ignore Jack Smith’s Critics”

September 12, 2023

Addressing critics of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s cases against Donald Trump, Checks & Balances advisory board member Donald Ayer writes in The Atlantic that “any suggestion that prosecution is […] unwise misconceives what is at stake here and, sadly, is evidence of America’s diminished national spirit.”

He goes on to write that, “for a free society wishing to preserve its governmental system, the prosecutions of Donald Trump for trying to overturn our democracy and willfully mishandling national secrets are not optional. […] The challenge that America faces calls for the country’s best and brightest prosecutors to do their utmost in formulating and pursuing these most important of cases.”

Ayer served as a U.S. attorney and principal deputy solicitor general in the Reagan administration, and as deputy attorney general in the George H. W. Bush administration. Read his entire piece here.

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