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Donald Ayer: DOJ’s Actions are “Cause to Celebrate the Rule of Law”

December 8, 2023

Advisory Council Member Donald Ayer published a piece in The Atlantic on December 7: “The Trump Prosecutions Are Cause to Celebrate the Rule of Law.”

In it, he argues:

“The actions now under way to hold Trump to account are viewed by many with uncertainty, about both their wisdom and their chances of success. Respected people have expressed foreboding that Trump probably cannot be convicted, and that any actual prosecution may well damage the justice system, or otherwise have bad consequences. […]

A sounder perspective, urgently needed now, is to focus on how our adaptable and resilient system of justice is actually succeeding, with proceedings now moving forward at deliberate speed, and trial dates in two cases just a few months away. To get here, multiple obstacles blocking the path to legal accountability for Trump have already been overcome.”

Read the entire piece.