Virtual Event – “Academic Freedom and Free Speech on Campus”

June 27, 2024

Join us on July 31 for a webinar featuring Prof. Keith Whittington.

It’s been a turbulent year for American higher education. Multiple controversies surrounding academic freedom and campus culture have riven colleges and universities across the country. Sharp differences concerning what schools should teach, and how, have led to cultural disputes, heated political debate, and a raft of proposed legislation at the federal, state, and local levels.

Among the most contested arenas of these disputes are America’s public universities, where taxpayer dollars, constitutional free speech rights, and strong political interests intersect. The outcome of these battles will have lasting implications on campus and far beyond.

Keith Whittington, a Yale Law School and Charter Member of the Society for the Rule of Law, has recently published “You Can’t Teach That — the Battle Over University Classrooms,” a landmark book unpacking the politics and legal issues around these disputes. Join us on Wednesday, July 31 at 12 pm ET for a virtual event featuring Prof. Whittington and Society Executive Director Gregg Nunziata, covering the future of academic freedom and American higher education.



Keith E. Whittington

David Boies Professor of Law, Yale Law School. Charter Member, Society for the Rule of Law.


Gregg Nunziata

Executive Director, Society for the Rule of Law. Former Chief Nominations Counsel, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.


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